Academics, farmers, workers, businessmen and leaders of any industry must pay great attention to the ecological balance.

If you say that you do not pay attention to ecological balance, then you certainly do not belong to the leader of the range, do not think too highly of themselves.

Everything is a double-edged sword, this is I always believe that the idea, only those who really know how to balance the right way to use.

What is innovation? The birth of a new thing is called innovation.

What is creative talent? A completely unknown thing, this person can be in a short period of time to understand and improve, this is innovative talent! Creative people have a balanced heart.

Some people even give you the best chance, you will not use! Fixed knowledge is not necessarily a good thing, such people’s thinking limit too much! Remember, plus learning can only keep you alive, plus flexibility to make you successful.

For ordinary people, only the real ethereal state of the people, it is possible to produce the world’s most beautiful things, of course, there is another kind of people can, but the understanding of a balanced to a certain level of people will not do this kind of thing.

The knowledge of life is too many, do not know after death of the world, don’t be too crazy …

No unity, no understanding, limited thinking, a lot of things actually have a lot of solutions, a good implementation includes global warming (I don’t agree with global warming)! For so long human beings, intelligence and time are asymmetrical.

If you can’t see through it, don’t blame the sky! Even for your plan, now people can’t do it! What’s worse, everything is ready! Right and wrong who said clearly … Choose a good kind of way.

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— 08:33 January 10, 2018

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